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This dress reminds me of what Carla Bruni wore last week when meeting the Princess of Spain – and its on sale! Advertisements

From – 10 Tips To Make The Most Of What You’ve Got

Ms. Bruni


Simple Carla Bruni. She has spoken out against wearing makeup (she thinks it makes her look older) and here with just a little makeup she looks stunning…

This beautiful cotton-silk maxi dress from DKNY is perfect for a wedding guest for summer weddings. It is beautiful and sophisticated and it can easily be worn to a wedding or out to dinner with flat sandals.

Spanx Skirt?


Boston Proper is selling this pencil skirt with a twist – it is a Spanx product! Most people know my love of spanx  but a spanx skirt?!! Maybe I will try it out and report back. (Truth be told –  I was the original creator of spanx my senior year in high school when I […]

Ricky’s here in New York is my one-stop shop for summer beauty essentials. Here is my list: Nexxus Sea Swell, Tape!, Flipflops (Havaianas), Sunscreen, Mascara

Rachel Zoe


I just heard that the Rachel Zoe project is airing in the U.K. – good for her! I can’t wait for her show to come back later this year on Bravo. She has been looking pretty good lately despite her no-food, champagne and cigarette diet. I love the cluthes that she carries – oversize yet […]

Oversize Clutch


This oversize clutch is exactly what I am looking for  this spring – slouchy and oversize. The coral color can easily be used as a neutral. 

High Heel Flare


My favorite jeans are on sale from J.Crew – the high-heel flare – $39.99.  Buy one size down – they will stretch.