Spring Closet Cleaning


It may sound time consuming, but going though your closet now to see what you have–and what you need–for spring will really pay off in the long run. You might even wind up saving some money!

1) Get rid of things that are stained/unrepairable/uncomfortable. For me, that meant getting rid of too-big slingbacks that I was constantly slipping out of (and that I’d already attempted to fix once). They were never going to work, and I just had to accept that.  If those black stilettos are painful before you even walk out the door, take them off and walk them to Housing Works. Fashion shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

2) Collect all the items in need of cleaning or repair and commit to getting them fixed this week. Do the same for your shoe collection. That way, in two weeks, those items will be ready for wearing. Be honest about the items that you are fixing though: Are they worth putting money into or can you replace them for less?

3) Get rid of things that are not your style, taking into consideration not only what’s comfortable, but what fits your routine. If you have made the decision to go from full-time manager to full-time mom, for example, maybe you no longer need those 10 pairs of pumps. Instead, consider flats or even wedges for some height.

4) Don’t be afraid to part with items that are unflattering. This is a tough one, so inviting an honest friend over (maybe open a bottle of wine?) and trying on everything (undergarments included) is necessary. Be brutally honest with yourself about how you feel in the item and where it flatters you. If you look good, you will wear it, but if you are constantly feeling self-conscious every time you wear those way-too-expensive-jeans, they are ready for the donation bin. If you don’t want to donate them, look to resell at a high-end thrift shop.

5) Store bulky items elsewhere. Yes, storage in New York (and other places) is limited, but if you can make space (under the bed, basement, back of the closet), put your winter items there so they’re not the first things you see in your closet when looking for a spring outfit.

6) Take inventory of needs. Before impluse-purchasing the latest spring must-haves, take stock of the basics you might be lacking. Buy foundation items, like white tanks, jeans, and cardigans before you splurge on trendier items.

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4 Responses to “Spring Closet Cleaning”

  1. Awesome advice! I’ve been working on gathering all my clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry that I know I’ll never wear again to sell at a swap meet. I have over 10 trash bags full! I’m so excited to see the space that I’ll have once they’re gone (not to mention the extra cash!). It’s a good idea to invite an honest friend over, I may have to try that. I probably have a lot of clothes that I think looks fabulous on me but in reality does not.

  2. Good blog, some amusing details. I believe seven of days ago, I have viewed a similar article. Does anyone know how to track future posts?

  3. I must say that in general I am really happy with this blog. It’s good to see someone very excited about what they do. Thanks!

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