Small Screen Inspiration


Need style inspiration? Look no further than your favorite TV shows to uncover power looks and daily glamor.

Gossip Girl: Lily van der Woodsen Bass-Humphrey exudes uptown Manhattan glamor. Her luxe fabric choices (cashmere, silk, chiffon) and skinny dark jeans make her approachable and family-friendly yet poised and stylish. Her perfectly coiffed blond mane, usually pulled back, looks chic and sophisticated paired with a statement necklace or over-the-top-earrings.

The Good Wife: Julianna Margulies’s fashion as Alicia Florrick is all about focus and longevity. Her smart choices of pants paired with tailored jackets always seem to be stylish yet low-key, and she never upstages her more daring boss, Diane (Christine Baranski). Her choices are composed and stoic, giving off a serious vibe. But her clothing can easily go from the office to the courtroom to her husband’s fundraisers. Her weekend looks of jeans paired with oversize knits is exactly how you would imagine her getting comfy at home.

Mad Men: Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway oozes sexually yet demands respect from women and men alike. Her smart sheaths in jewel-tones (purple, turquoise, crimson) paired with amazing jewelry look sexy and ladylike at once. Her perfectly coiffed hairstyle and elegant makeup complete her look. She knows what looks best and takes pride in her womanly vibe.

Damages: Rose Byrne as Ellen Parsons takes power dressing to a new level. Unlike Alicia Florrick in the Good Wife, Byrne’s character dresses to be noticed. Her ladylike looks paired with power heels and a smart hairstyle (straight, controlled) makes her look like she knows what she is doing, even when her character seems to be less focused. Her look can easily work in many offices using smart separates from Theory and sexy heels from Jimmy Choo. Leave color at home and instead embrace grays, black, and navy.

Bored To Death: Ted Danson as George Christopher on Bored To Death is a fun-loving bon vivant with a focused sense of style. George’s selection of three-pieces suits, even while tagging along on Jason Schwartzman’s private detective cases, can seem comical, but George is in on the joke.

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