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So, in search of baby gifts for many friends (and family members), I came across adorable onesies with “brooklyn” printed across the front. The one I liked cost $48. Because I know that babies have a tendency to outgrow their clothes after one wearing, this didn’t seem like the best use of my money. Alas, […]

Being pregnant does not mean having to give up on your style. Bethenny Frankel has never been one to shy away from attention and her pregnancy style was very similar to her regular style. She opted for bright colors (red seems to be a mainstay) and flattering, comfortable wrap dresses like the Isabella Oliver wrap […]

In light of the recent births of Sparrow (Nicole Richie), Stella (Ellen Pompeo), and Charlotte (Sarah Michelle Gellar), I wanted to celebrate some of the most stylish (pregnant) celebrities. These stars remained true to their style even as their bellies grew (and in Heidi’s case, as she continues to grow).

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