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Love Your Face


This clarisonic combo from Bliss is unbelievable and it works great on dry skin. Perfect for the winter months! Although pricey, this machine will last you a lifetime and give you that post-facial glow without having to spend the money on monthly facials. Advertisements

Lovely Updo


Natalie Portman’s updo at a recent appearance was chic and ladylike and so easy to recreate. 1. Blow dry your hair straight using thermal spray for protection. 2. Create a side part on your favorite side. 3. Put it in a low ponytail at the top of your neck using a clear rubberband. 4. Pull […]

Kate Bosworth shined at MOCA’s Artist’s Museum Happening in Chanel. The highlight of her look was her hair and earring combo. Her elegant updo was reminiscent of the fall runways French updos. Her look is easy to recreate and has the details.  

Spin Pin


A few months ago when a friend and I went to the J.Crew bridal store to check out their selection, we were also introduced to the magic of the “spin pin”. The associates at J.Crew had this little bobby pin in their pockets and it was perfect for putting hair up in a chignon while […]

All of Hollywood has embraced a 60’s throwback look — the cat eye. From Gossip Girl to the red carpet, this look seems to be everywhere. Olivia Wilde looks fresh and sexy with her black eyeliner  and high ponytail. So, how to get this look? Allure has the details on this sexy look. Must-haves: Black […]

Chanel is launching three new nail colors in September including Khaki Rose, Khaki Vert, and Khaki. These colors will compliment fall’s camel palette well and look great with jewel toned dresses for evening. Drew Barrymore debuted a “Khaki-like” color on the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie, Going The Distance.

Lady Gaga has rocked some serious avante garde styles in the past couple of years and not many of them would translate into real life fashion. However, this month on the cover of Vanity Fair, Gaga rocks amazing grey (grey-beige really) nail polish. Essie makes a great version of greige called “Playa Del Platinum”. This […]

Beachy waves a la Gisele are the perfect summer hair style. It takes the pressure off the need to blow dry your hair on very humid days and it gives you that carefree, relaxed look which is a perfect compliment to sun-kissed skin. Achieving this style is pretty easy, courtsey of Bumble and Bumble’s “Brilliantine” […]

Color Me Pretty


Summer is a great time to experiment with bright nail polish colors on your hands and feet. Magenta, orange, and bright pinkish reds look great against tan skin. Here are some of my favorites from Essie, in order below: Big Spender, Peach Daiquiri, Watermelon. What are your go-to summer polish colors?

Beauty products can be overwhelming because there are so many to choose from – some cheap, some expensive, some that guarantee long lashes, some that stain your lips. It’s enough to make your head spin. In terms of makeup application, there are three categories that are useful to know: the 5-minute, the 10-minute, and the […]