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Fashion Myths


We’ve all heard them. It’s time to debunk some of the most common sartorial myths. No White After Labor Day: This rule is made to be broken. White looks amazing in the winter and not just for brides. The way to wear white post-Labor Day is to pay attention to the fabric choice and to pair […]

Nina Garcia’s latest book is all about what to wear for those big moments.  In her book she lists out all of the big moments in your life and what you should wear for those occasions (from interview to your child’s school play). Nina is always on point with her wearable suggestions and easy style. […]

Casual Friday can be a lot more fun in summer than it is in winter, particularly if you work in an already casual office. That said, even the most laid-back boss doesn’t want you looking like a beach bum at the morning staff meeting. Here are some items that should never be worn to the […]

Alexandra from Gilt Groupe

As spring and summer wedding seasons approach, so do those inevitable bridal showers. Dressing for a bridal shower in the summer is pretty straightforward – put on a pretty dress, curl your hair, and wear pearls. For the showers that happen in March and April (usually for weddings in May and June), bridal shower dressing […]

Holiday work parties are a great way to celebrate and let loose with colleagues. However, they tend to be a place where people dress inappropriately and then regret it. So, what not to wear to this years’ event? Read on! No miniskirts – Sure, they are super cute (and in fashion right now) but there […]

Since Fall wedding season is well under way, I thought I would share my rules on what not to wear to an autumn affair. Second Edition – Fall Weddings No Black – Black is the staple of many and although I am a lover of black too, for a wedding it is always nice to […]

I try to stay positive when it comes to fashion and style and not point out the terrible choices that people make day to day because there is no reason to berate someone that I don’t know. However, there are some bits of advice that I would like to pass along, and so I thought […]