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There are many modern-day style icons that influence my style, and I continuously look to them for inspiration and guidance. There is nothing more important than staying true to yourself, and I think these women embody that. They ignore trends, choosing instead to embrace a style that suits their lifestyle and personality. Sure, Jennifer Aniston […]

Carla Bruni was a style standout again, this time in a long-sleeve emerald gown. The fit was perfect and body conscious. The only part of the outfit that doesn’t seem to work is her choice of shoes. Rather than similar colored kitten pumps, it would have looked better with a metallic cut-out pump. Her choice […]

This month’s issue of Vanity Fair features their picks for Best Dressed. Unlike People magazine, which features Hollywood’s elite, this list features international celebrities and fashion insiders. No surprise to see Ms. Bruni listed as she epitomizes international style.

The first ladies and belts – from

This dress reminds me of what Carla Bruni wore last week when meeting the Princess of Spain – and its on sale!

Ms. Bruni


Simple Carla Bruni. She has spoken out against wearing makeup (she thinks it makes her look older) and here with just a little makeup she looks stunning…

Carla Bruni


I know Carla Bruni is the hottest thing right now (Vanity Fair cover and everything) but I cannot help but agree with all the hype. This woman is flawless and always looks effortlessly put together and not contrived (my goal regarding all things fashion).