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Summer getaways are made of great moments: road trips, BBQs, beaches, and dining al fresco. Knowing what to pack for your trip to the beach–or city, or country–can help ease your travels (and avoid the suspicion you maybe should have stayed home with the A/C). So, what to pack for a fashionable getaway? Wedges: Ditch […]

The one accessory in your beach bag this holiday weekend? Sunscreen! Don’t leave home without this must-have…15 SPF is the minimum and reapplying every two hours is necessary.

No matter how hard I try to shop at different places for bathing suits (Trina Turk, Anthropologie, Macys), I always end up with a J.Crew suit. Always dependable, J.Crew offers mix and match tops which can extend the life of your favorite top (or bottom!). This year I bought a slate grey suit. Click to […]

Ricky’s here in New York is my one-stop shop for summer beauty essentials. Here is my list: Nexxus Sea Swell, Tape!, Flipflops (Havaianas), Sunscreen, Mascara