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It may sound time consuming, but going though your closet now to see what you have–and what you need–for spring will really pay off in the long run. You might even wind up saving some money! 1) Get rid of things that are stained/unrepairable/uncomfortable. For me, that meant getting rid of too-big slingbacks that I […]

This rainy weekend has reminded me that we all need a good trench and a sturdy umbrella. A black or tan trench coat can transition your entire wardrobe from winter to spring with a cinch of a coat belt. You will feel instantly chicer and more pulled together with a classic like the trench and […]

Trench Coat


A winter/spring transition coat is a must-have (yes, a must-have). Wearing¬† your winter coat into April is a bit ridiculous but you need something over your cute spring outfits to keep the spring chill at bay.¬† The trench coat below is from J.Crew and at $298, its a great deal. This is something that will […]